Sausage/Bacon & Eggs Foil Breakfast

08 Feb

1 small handful of frozen hash browns or diced potatoes
2 eggs, scrambled, uncooked
2 frozen sausage patties, links, kielbasa slices or ground sausage.  Bacon can be used in place of sausage
spices and seasonings
Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Tightly crimp/secure the sides of your sheet of foil so that the eggs won’t go anywhere when you add them.

Lightly spray foil with non-stick spray (if available).

Place your hash browns on the foil. Then place egg mixture on top of the hash browns, making sure foil is crimped tightly so nothing escapes. Then place the sausage on top. Season with spices and condiments and wrap up in a tent pack.

Place on hot coals and cook for approximately 15 minutes, do not turn packs over. Add the cheese when ready to serve.  Be careful, foil packs will be extremely hot, handle with hot pads or lift with tongs and place on heat resistant surface when serving.

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